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UBC offers a wide spectrum of the services focused to the aid of foreign subjects in legalization on territory of Ukraine, to accomplishment of trips to Ukraine, receiving of legal work in Ukraine.

  • Registration of foreigners in Kiev
  • Receiving of identification number for foreign subjects
  • Receiving of the sanction to employment of the foreigner in Ukraine
  • Extension work (employment) permit)
  • Registration of the enterprise in bodies OVIR (Kiev Registration Agency)
  • The Ukrainian business - visas. Registration of invitations for foreign partners
  • Registration of residence permit in Ukraine (for citizens of the CIS)
  • Receiving of citizenship of Ukraine


All types of Certification products are availible in short termp - ISO-9001, ISO-14000, UKRSERPO.

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Terms of obtaining Full Ukraine Building Licence up to 1 week
A new Law "About registration of entrerprises" staeted 01/07/2019. Every working company needs to make a re-registration and got a new registration certificate.
1 year Guarentee Work permit in Ukraine - getting and extending. Business Visas, Registration in kiev. Read More About...>
Gettin permanent living permit in Ukraine. Shprt terms. Extending of Ukrainian Visas.
Ukrainian Citizenship.

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The efficient collecting of the business debts in Ukraine and CIS is possible in any stage: before court  proceeding and after bankruptcy of the debtor. We organize full support from court to physical money back (transfer) from debtor. A mandatory condition - documentary validity of the debt sum
(Read more).....>


Visas depending on the purpose of trip to Ukraine are divided on types:

·          The Business visa

·          The Business visa

·          The Tourist visa

·          The Private visa

·          The Student's visa

·          The Immigration visa

·          The Diplomatic visa

·          The Visa to employees of saving services

·          The Visa to scientists

·          The Visa to workers of mass media

·          The Visa to representatives of religious missions

·          The Visa to representatives of humanitarian missions

·          The Visa to entry a cultural and sports exchange

·          The Visa to the attendants of means of transport of the international message

·          The Transit visa

Depending on a period of action of the visa are divided on short-term and long-term.

  • Short-term visas are issued on a period till 6 months.
  • Long-term are issued for the term of from 6 months till 5 years.

Visas are made out for as one-time, two-time, multi-time entry.

Our experts will help to define the optimal for you a type of the visa, to give a close consultation under necessary documents for registration of the visa.


All foreigners are obliged to register the passport document in law-enforcement bodies:

·          Citizens of the CIS after 3 months of stay on Ukraine

·          Citizens of far abroad after 6 months of stay on Ukraine

If you have not made it on you the administrative fine up to 1700 UAN can be imposed.

Your stay on Ukraine will be correctly and in time issued by our experts under the international law.RECEIVING OF THE SANCTION TO EMPLOYMENT OF THE FOREIGNER IN UKRAINE

If the foreigner wants to work and receive the salary on territory of Ukraine , it{he} is obliged to receive the sanction to employment. Absence of the sanction conducts to serious problems at the enterprise on which you work.

In Ukraine the procedure of receiving of the sanction to employment when the commission decides is stipulated to give up or give to you the sanction. In default your chances to be arranged on the enterprise necessary to you are practically equal to zero. Why it is very important before to submit documents to consult at experts. There is a possibility to speed up receiving of the sanction till 1-2 weeks.

If you are working without permit - you can be deported from Ukraine and do not have a possibility to come again, and the company you work, pay administrative fine up 1700 UAN can be imposed.


It is necessary for you to register your enterprise in bodies OVIR in the following cases:

1. Foreigners work for you at the enterprise

2.  You are going to invite to work of foreign employees

3.  You are going to invite your foreign business – partners

The order of registration reputes passing checks on your enterprise. Wrong registration of registration documents can result in problems at your foreign business - partners at crossing a customs of Ukraine . Our company will help to avoid complexities in the given question, maximum to speed up and simplify for you process of registration of the enterprise in bodies the Kiev Urban Department of Visas and Registration.


Any foreign subject the interested person is high-grade to live, work, be engaged in business on Ukraine is obliged to receive identification number (number of the taxpayer). For example for the conclusion of any material contract from you will require{demand} identification number. Our company in maximum short time (till 3 days) will issue for you identification number


In Ukraine exists depending on validity two types of residence permits:

1.  Temporary residence permit

2.  Permanent residence permit.

The temporary residence permit has the right to issue the foreigner who works or is going to work and receives the salary in Ukraine .

The Permanent residence permit has the right to receive the foreigner who has basis for such receiving stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine .

If you have received residence permit, it gives you the right freely to work in Ukraine without receiving additional sanctions and to cross border of Ukraine without registration of the visa.

Receivings of residence permit complex{difficult} enough and complex question. Legislatively designated term of consideration of your application can last till one year. Then to you can give the negative or positive answer. In default you are obliged to leave{abandon} territory of Ukraine in a month's time. Therefore before to begin the given process we advise you to address to experts.


You can receive citizenship of Ukraine on the following basis:

  • On a birth
  • On territory derivation
  • Owing to acceptance in citizenship
  • Owing to recovering in citizenship
  • Owing to adoption
  • Owing to establishment above the child of trusteeship
  • Owing to establishment of trusteeship above the person the recognized court incapable
  • Owing to allegiance of Ukraine one or both parents

  • For other reasons stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine

The decision to be naturalized as you in Ukraine or to give up the commission accepts at the President of Ukraine. Then the President of Ukraine issues the corresponding Decree. In this question very important correctly to legalize papers and receive the qualified consultation that the decision of a commission was positive.

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